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The Biota Aquarium is the world's easiest, and most cost-effective saltwater aquarium. All equipment is built-in and designed by Marine Experts to take away the guesswork.

This gives beginners the confidence to own a carefully-designed ecosystem including sustainably bred fish and corals.

"It's super cool having a little coral reef ecosystem for a minimum amount of work and maintenance".

Robert Marini
Hartford, WI

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Biota All-In-One Aquarium
Includes Aquarium, Fish, Corals & Live Rock


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Now It's Easier Than Ever To Have Your Own Coral Reef Aquarium In Your Home Or Office!

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In the past, to own a saltwater aquarium, you had to be an expert: To prevent losing your aquatic world, you needed to buy all kinds of specialized equipment and learn how to use it. Saltwater aquarium maintenance was a time-consuming and delicate procedure –you risked losing your investment overnight if things got out of balance.

It's no wonder most people never considered buying their own saltwater aquarium!



The Biota All-In-One Aquarium gives beginners the confidence to own a carefully-designed ecosystem including sustainably bred fish and corals.

Now, anyone can create a healthy aquarium with an easy, 3-Step Setup, internal equipment & expertly chosen ecosystem. All equipment is built-in and designed by Marine Experts to take away the guesswork.

Biota 3-Step Set-up Makes It Easier To Build Your Own Coral Reef!

You shouldn't have to waste long weekends working on aquarium maintenance... Our mission is to change the home aquarium experience for you (and your marine life).

Biota Aquarium’s 3-step system will guide you through step by step instructions and support you to set up a thriving ecosystem in your home or office: 

  1. Set up your aquarium
  2. Add your live rock
  3. Add your fish and optional corals
By following our 3 simple steps, you will have happy fish and a healthy home aquarium ecosystem in just 10-14 days!


Complete setup consist of 3
Simple Steps and 10-14
days total to ensure a healthy
aquarium ecosystem.


A carefully designed system
with all equipment included,
leaving nothing else to buy
to run optimally.


Livestock & equipment combi-
nations have been extensively
researched and tested and come
with a guarantee.


100% aquarium
cultured for aquariums.
We can assure customers that
nothing is taken from the ocean.


Biota was created by mindful,
educated and passionate marine
experts, so you don't have to
be one.


Biota and Fluval bring you the most
compact tank on the market.
With LED lighting and a floating
base stand, itís simply stunning.

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Biota Aquariums™was created to help simplify the marine aquarium. Being responsible doesn't have to be complicated - or boring.

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All living items in a Biota Aquarium are sustainably cultured, or farmed, meaning we do not plunder the ocean’s resources.

Our own Biota Palau Marine Life Nursery in the Pacific, the brainchild of Biota co-founder Tom Bowling, supplies one of the fish species and the corals for the Biota tanks. The remaining items come from an aquaculture farm in Florida, which means we can guarantee your livestock for the first 30-days!