We have put together a list of questions that might be commonly asked. If your question is not below, please use the ‘pop-up’ messenger icon on the bottom right of the screen, as we may be able to help you more promptly.


I have ordered my live rock or fish and have not received it. Why?

The shipping of live rock takes place on Monday and Tuesday each week.  It takes 3-4 days to ship the live rock.  You will receive confirmation once your live rock ships. Biota ships fish and corals Monday through Thursday via FedEx ‘Priority Overnight’.  Biota confirms that someone will be home to receive the animals before shipping.  Weather delays and unanswered emails can result in shipment delays.  If at anytime you would like to check the status of your order, please email: info@biotaaquarium.com

When will I receive my live rock, fish and corals?

The Biota Aquarium experience has been carefully planned so that the animals are safely transported and acclimated to their new home in the proper order. After setting up the tank, the live rock is shipped, which contains important bacteria and habitat for the fish. Once received, the fish can then be shipped so that they are going into an aquarium with the live rock in place. If corals are ordered, they arrive with the fish.

How do you ship the items to me?

Biota Aquariums uses courier company FedEx for all US shipments. They can be reached at fedex.com or 1 800 GO FEDEX.  You can also track your shipment via their website.

How can you send fish through the post?

Your fish and corals are safely shipped using the International Air Transportation Association (IATA) Live Animal Regulations (LAR).  This includes the use of an insulated box to ensure stable temperatures during transit,  a “liner bag” to catch any potential leaks and a cardboard outer box.  The animals are packed with pH adjusted seawater and oxygen.  During the extreme temperatures of summer and winter, ice packs and heat packs are also used.

What is your 'safe arrival guarantee'?

Biota Aquariums guarantees the live arrival of your sustainably cultivated fish and corals and that they will continue to live for 30 days. For more information see our guarantee policy.

I live outside USA, can I order an aquarium?

Biota Aquariums is excited that you are interested in owning a marine aquarium.  Currently, the Biota Aquarium is only available in the USA.  Please email us and let us know where you live as we hope to expand our distribution in the near future.

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