Saltwater Reef Tank Corals

Today we will highlight some of the corals that you can get for your saltwater aquarium while also giving some information about placement, lighting and flow. Many of you have found great homes for your corals simply by testing and moving. One of the best … Read more

The Ugly Tank Period

Today I’m going to discuss the ugly tank period. Many of our Biota customers either call or email in the first 3 months in fear that they’ve done something horribly wrong. Either some red slime algae have plagued the tank or you can’t seem to … Read more

What is Live Rock and live sand?

Often customers will ask us what live rock and live sand is. The simple answer is they are calcium based materials filled with live bacteria. In the ocean, denitrifying bacteria is present almost everywhere, in the water, in the sand, in sponges, under corals, and … Read more

International Coastal Cleanup Day

International Coastal Cleanup Day – Saturday, September 16, 2017 You may get the impression from photographs, or occasional cruise, that our oceans hold endless amounts of beautiful clean water. Very few people are aware of the ugly truth lying beneath the surface. In addition to … Read more

Celebrate Whale Sharks!

August 30th is Whale Shark Day, so now is a great time to learn about the largest fish on the entire planet. So much like a whale, yet still a shark. Whale sharks are much more similar to whales, rather than to other sharks, in … Read more

Interesting Information About Your Fish

At this point, many of you have gotten to know the fish in your aquariums. I’d like to give you a few fun facts about them. The clownfish you have in your aquarium are Ocellaris clownfish or Ampiprion Ocellaris. These are the most common species of … Read more

Earthquake’s Impact on Marine Life

In November 2016, residents of New Zealand’s South Island were shaken awake by a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake caused a Tsunami that uplifted reefs and permanently changed parts of the coastline. The resulting changes to the landscape left scars like nothing seen in … Read more