WYSIWYG Spear Tail Goby Pair

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Latin Name: Amblygobius calvatus

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These are the exact specimens you will receive. Pictures are taken under Radion G2/G3 LEDs. This is a new captive-bred fish. Rarely seen in the hobby this Spear Tail Goby shows off some amazing patterns with the iconic spear tail. These fish are ~3″ and are in a bonded pair. You will be getting 2 of the first ever captive-bred specimens in the world. These gobies are great for medium to large sized aquariums and sand sift similarly to the linki goby. This is a slightly more cryptic species and will guard and secure a burrow in your tank to share. They grow to a size of ~3-4.5″ and begin to take on a light blue hue when reaching adulthood. Feeding on a diet of TDO Pellet, spirulina brine, and PE calanus. These fish do not do well with aggressive species. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave


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