WYSIWYG Borbonius Anthias 1

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Latin Name: Odontathias borbonius

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This is the exact Blotched Anthias you will receive. Pictures are taken under Radion G2/G3. This specimen is ~2-2.25″ and shows off some great spotting and patterns. The Borbonius or Blotched Anthias is a Biota Marine Life Nursery Palau world’s first-ever captive-bred species. Highly sought after for their beautiful coloration and limited availability from the wild, Biota’s captive-bred Borbonius are 1.5″ in size and are completely acclimated to aquarium life! The pink hues with large eyes and orange blotches make them appear like something out of a Dr. Seuss story. They grow up to 6″ and require a large aquarium (75 gallons min.) and eat a variety of diets from frozen mysis to high-quality pellets. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave


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