Rainford’s Goby/Court Jester Goby

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Latin Name: Koumansetta rainfordi

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The Rainford’s Goby or Court Jester Goby is a great addition to any nano or large-scale reef aquarium. These fish are typically very difficult when wild caught because they do not take to prepared foods very often. Biota Marine Life Nursery Palau is the ONLY aquaculture producer of Rainford’s Goby on the planet! In home aquaria they are most known for their propensity to graze on hair algae. These fish do well singly in small aquariums or in small groups in larger aquariums. Rainford gobies have great green and orange striping with white and black spots. These fish tend to be shy when first introduced to an aquarium and typically do not do well with aggressive tank mates. Our captive-bred Rainford’s Goby feast on small pellets, frozen mysis and spirulina brine shrimp.


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