Polka dot Coral Grouper

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Latin Name: Plectropomus areolatus

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The Polka Dot Coral Grouper(Plectropomus areolatus) also known as the square-tail grouper is another *rare* world first from Biota. This specimen is ~5.5″- 6″. We have a very small amount of these available and the one pictured above is the exact specimen you will receive. This Coral Grouper is very closely related to the miniatus grouper and needs similar care. This fish can grow up to a size of 18+” so a very large aquarium is recommended. I would suggest a tank larger than 180 gallons when fully grown. This fish is also very aggressive and will swallow fish and inverts up to half it’s size! This is an amazing predatory fish that does well in FOWLER or large predator reef tanks. Currently they feed on full or half frozen silver sides and large mysis shrimp. A varied diet of high protein foods such as fish, squid, and shrimp is suggested. This fish is truly a gem and possibly never before seen in the aquarium trade but definitely never before seen captive-bred. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave


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