Mandarin Fish – Pair

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Latin Name: Synchiropus splendidus

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Biota supplies the only available pairs of captive-bred Mandarinfish in the world. Often referred to erroneously as a goby, mandarins are a member of the Dragonet family and were once considered the hardest and most sensitive fish in the hobby. Due to their very specific diet and collection methods in the wild, they typically did not survive in home aquariums. Thanks to the captive breeding at Biota Marine Life Nursery Palau these mandarins are eating prepared foods and can be a great addition to any community tank. These fish are being fed PE Calanus, V2O, Ocean Nutrition and Hikari Cyclops, and a fine dry food in the 200-400 micron size. These fish can grow up to 4 inches in captivity and showcase clear sexual dimorphism. The male has a long spike-like appendage along it’s dorsal fin while the female’s dorsal is club shaped. Fun fact: One of the only naturally occurring blue pigments in the world is found in Mandarinfish as all other blue colors are a combination of pigments. SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave SaveSave


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