Earthquake’s Impact on Marine Life

In November 2016, residents of New Zealand’s South Island were shaken awake by a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake. The earthquake caused a Tsunami that uplifted reefs and permanently changed parts of the coastline. The resulting changes to the landscape left scars like nothing seen in … Read more

5 Reasons to Have an Aquarium in Your Office

Let’s face it–many offices can come off looking and feeling rather drab. Occasionally, these environments can appear sterile, lacking in any personality. While small decorations and potted plants can help, none of these tend to add much panache to the workplace. Fortunately, you can always … Read more

Top Trusted Tips on Moving Your Reef Tank

The therapeutic health benefits of saltwater aquariums are overwhelmingly positive. Because of this, there’s been an uptick in the global population choosing to set up their own home aquariums for this reason alone. Once you have a saltwater reef tank, you may have to move … Read more

Top 5 Beginner Corals for Your Aquarium

There are numerous positive effects available to anyone adding reef corals to their aquarium, including the ability to lower blood pressure, enjoy all-over relaxation and the calming energies they enhance. Many people understand the positive effects of adding reef corals to their aquariums but might … Read more

Biota Aquariums’ Indiegogo Campaign Is Now Live

We’re thrilled to announce we’ve just launched Biota Aquariums to the market through the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Our founders, Kevin Gaines and Tom Bowling, realized many people find it overwhelming to set up their own aquarium. They noticed it’s quite a challenge for them to choose their … Read more

Win 1 of 3 Biota Aquariums this Thanksgiving

Biota Aquariums is now live! Following a terrific campaign on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, we’re stoked to be able to announce that you can now purchase a Biota Aquarium directly from our new Biota Aquariums website. We’re currently taking orders that will be with you well … Read more