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All-In-One Saltwater Aquarium & Coral

An intelligently engineered 13.5-gallon Saltwater Ecosystem with all required equipment built internally into the tank's design, complete with beautiful sustainably bred fish and coral.

Get (1) Biota Complete All-In-One Tank with "Deluxe" Coral Upgrade

Tank comes with:

  • (4) Live Corals
  • (1) Starter Food Supply
  • (2) Clownfish
  • (1) Rainford Goby
  • (1) Live Rock
  • (1) Live Sand Supply

All tank equipment, supplies, step by step instructions + 30-day livestock guarantee.

1. Biota Aquarium Tank
2. Heater
3. Salt Bags
4. Light Timer
5. Fish Food
6. Water Conditioner
7. Biological Enhancer
8. Hydrometer
9. Thermometer
10. Cleaning Magnet

Soft Corals

Long Polyp Leather | Green Polyp Leather | Zoanthid Coral | Pom Pom Xenia (subject to change depending on availability).

Includes charity donation and the release of a fish into the wild in Palau.

* Includes charity donation & one wild fish released in Palau.

Stacey D.Burnham


I heard reef tanks were very difficult to set up and that I could lose a large investment virtually overnight if the aquarium got out of balance. If you have ever wondered if you could successfully keep your own reef tank, Biota offers a great, sustainable, affordable and manageable reef aquarium system.


Brent Misfeldt


I’ve had several freshwater & brackish aquariums in the past but was always scared to make the leap to saltwater. Biota has made that jump fairly easy & a fun learning experience. I’m very happy with my tank and the great customer service. I highly recommend Biota aquariums.


Kevin T O'Mara


I would never have considered a saltwater aquarium until Biota Aquariums came around. Kevin Gaines and his team have scored a home-run. Everything is perfectly balanced in this easy step-by-step set-up with clear and complete instructions. I couldn’t be happier with my aquarium and the customer service and support is awesome.

Quick reference SET UP video and PDF

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